How to be organised when you work from home

The world is now digitally connected, and with the Covid pandemic, working from home has become the “norm” and part of our daily routine.   

It’s vital that when you work from home, you find a balance between home and work life. By staying organised and setting yourself some rules, you can focus on your job during work hours and unwind when you’re done. 

Below are some useful tips improve your productivity while working from home:

Get yourself ready 

Yes, rolling out of bed and working in your pajamas is one of the luxuries of working from home, but it’s imperative to get ready in the morning by showering, getting dressed and eating breakfast. It’s a way to mentally prepare for the day ahead. 

Create a work space

Set up a dedicated desk area and refrain from working on your bed. Choose an area that is filled with natural light and make sure your desk and chair are comfortable enough to be at all day.

Keep your workspace organised

It’s a fact that if your desk is free of clutter, you will feel more relaxed and on task. Find a filing system that works for you as it’ll help keep your documents organised. A set of drawers or magazine holders can help file  paperwork, but ensure you label everything so that it’s easy to find.  If most of your files are on your computer, work out an effective digital filing system.  When you’re done for the day, tidy up and get it organised for the next day. 

Planned work schedule

Your day needs structure. Start on time and ensure you create a divide between your work and home life. When you are working, focus on work related tasks. Similarly, outside of working hours you should turn off work notifications and focus on home life.


Plan your tasks in order of importance.  Think about your goals for the day as this can help you determine how to structure your work.  Remember to leave room in your schedule for unexpected things such as answering, phone calls etc

Set rules for the household

It’s an especially tricky time at the moment because children are home too!Communication is therefore vital with the people you live with. Creating a distraction free environment will help everyone focus better – so be considerate to each other and support each other’s needs. Remember that you are on your company’s time so you should focus on work when you’re “in the office”.

Have a planner 

Planners help you keep track of deadlines and tasks. Some people prefer a paper planner while others prefer digital planners or apps. Use whichever you prefer, but use one! 

Noise-cancelling headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones really help you stay focused on your work, but make sure the volume is not set too high (protect your hearing). 

Find ways to stay connected

Staying connected with colleagues will help you help your morale, keep you motivated and it’s very important for your mental well being. A good way to do this is via video conference.

Take healthy breaks 

Give yourself breaks throughout the day to help yourself recharge. You need to give yourself permission to eat a healthy lunch and go on a walk to move around a little.


Create boundaries between work and household tasks. Save household chores for time outside of work.

Avril Jacobson, is a professional organiser, at Mise en Place. If you want to see lots more great ideas for organising your home, check out her instagram page – @avril_mise_en_place or call her on 0409 836 663.

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