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Mardee Blackwood

Leading female broker in Australia, Mardee Blackwood, has consistently been recognised within the finance industry for her excellence over the past 10 years. Mardee strives to provide the best service each and every time and to do everything possible to find her clients the best deal possible on their home loan. With in-depth product knowledge, Mardee ensures her clients get the most suitable loan product available at the lowest rate. Mardee works closely with all clients to ensure a pleasant and stress-free experience.

“Thank you very, very much. It is such a relief to have a good and solid referral who also happens to be delightful to deal with and one I can count on every time to help my clients (especially those in those “not so easy” categories). My reputation rides on a referral and you ensure it is upheld every time. I am very grateful. You are a preferred supplier of services and friend to this firm.”

Christopher Lane, Christopher Lane & Associates

“Mardee highlights the essence of best practice broking and how a focus on the basics gets results, Mardee has achieved a stellar individual performance, whilst her skills and capabilities have positioned her brokerage among the state’s finest. The business of broking can be challenging but Mardee demonstrates that the rewards can also be significant for both the broker and the client”

Jim Hall, The Adviser

“Dear Mardee, I would like to personally congratulate you on winning the 2014 Broker of the year – productivity award at the Australian Mortgage Awards last Friday night. This award is an excellent achievement and a fantastic way to celebrate all your success and constant dedication to the industry, I’m glad to see this has not gone unrecognised. Keep up the great work! Our sincerest congratulations”

Bridget Sakr Genworth

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