Tips and tricks to give your pantry a “makeover”

Making the most out of your kitchen involves taking advantage of every inch of space and maximising your storage. I would like to share a few of my top tips on how to organise it best, because an organised pantry will save you from over-buying groceries that you already have hidden amongst the mess!

Take everything out

Make sure your bench or kitchen table is clear so you can sort as you go. Once your pantry is emptied give your shelves a good clean.

Sort into categories

Group what you have into categories. For example, put your spices together, cereals together, cans together, baking together etc. Now that you can see what you have, it makes the decluttering process much quicker.

Dispose of “Out of Date” items

Work through each category and dispose of anything that has passed it’s used by date.

Use clear modular containers

My preference for storage is a clear container so that you can see the contents. Pick a brand that stack and seal well and are large enough so you don’t end up with half bags of food that won’t fit in. Label your containers so you know what’s inside and it makes it easy for the family too.

Use additional storage

For items that don’t need sealable containers, use clear tubs to maximise space. If you prefer, you can use baskets or other storage containers if that’s your preference. Cans are great on tiered shelving.

Set up for everyday use

When deciding where to put everything, I advise that you keep items you use regularly at eye level and items you use less often can higher up. Consider using open tubs for snack items and storing them below eye level so you can empty packets into the tub and the whole family can see what’s available.

Other handy tips

  • Make sure that you check your dry goods for pantry moths!! There are some good solutions to help prevent them.
  • For deep shelves you can add a stackable shelf to give you more space.
  • A lazy susan is a great way to store condiments or sauces that you need to access regularly.

Avril Jacobson, is a professional organiser, at Mise en Place. If you want to see lots more great ideas for maximising every space in your home, check out her instagram page – @avril_mise_en_place or call her on 0409 836 663.

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