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Why you need a digital wallet

The concept of currency has come a long way and digital forms of currency are rapidly substituting traditional banknotes. But what exactly is a digital wallet and is it something you should think about getting? Digital wallets are just a digital version of your wallet Just like your everyday wallet, you can fill your digital […]

Finding the right Mortgage Broker

Buying property can be a confusing and overwhelming experience, from finding the property to getting the extensive documentation ready for the home loan, exchange and settlement. Using the service of a mortgage broker can make the experience a stress-free and smooth transaction. So what exactly do they do? Essentially, a mortgage broker acts as a […]

5 Simple Ways To Make Every Day Feel Like Friday

We are all guilty of wishing away the week days in the hope that it’s Friday (and one day away from the weekend!). But life is too short for that. Here are 5 easy ways to make each day feel like Friday and bring some extra motivation and enjoyment to your weekly routine. Break a […]